Ideally located within walking distance to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Book your romantic getaway, family vacation, or corporate outing at Vacation Homes Niagara.

Reserving your stay at Vacation Homes Niagara is as simple as booking any other form of accommodation: hotel, motel, executive property, or hostel. Simply check the calendar for available dates and fill in the required information. Vacation Homes Niagara accepts PayPal, or Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email.

Although reserving your dates may be the same as other types of accommodations, staying with Vacation Homes Niagara in Niagara Falls Ontario is very different! Firstly you are renting an entire, modern, fully equipped home that is large enough to sleep 6 to 10 friends and or family members! Each home has its own unique elements that make it an ideal destination in Niagara Falls Ontario, but they are all located within a short 10 minute walk to the Fallsview Tourist District, the heart of Niagara Falls tourism. Additionally each home has a minimum of one fully equipped kitchen available and a BBQ so eating out is not a necessity. Another advantage in Niagara Falls is the onsite parking at each home, providing free parking; parking in Niagara Falls can be expensive and with bus stops located close to the house or a short walk to Niagara Falls you will not need your car during your vacation!


Additional Booking Information

Vacation Homes Niagara has a minimum of two night stay with the exception of holidays that have a minimum 3 night stay. Holidays include: Christmas, New Years, Family Day, Easter, Spring Break (Canadian & American), Thanksgiving (Canadian & American), July 1/4, Civic Holiday, and Labour Day.